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Vaginismus: a vagina-in-panic

Vaginismus is the instantaneous, involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles in anticipation of vaginal penetration. This automatic reaction is always anxiety-based, whether the woman is aware of the underlying panic/anxiety condition or not.

Virtual Vaginismus Coaching is provided by Women’s Therapy Center.

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Our Online Vaginismus Treatment is for Women Who:

Our Testimonials

"A part of me had thought I’d have vaginismus forever. Then, once I heard of it being curable, I assumed that just meant doable as in I’d be able to tolerate intercourse. Or at least let him in to do his thing then move on. I had no idea that – once cured - it wouldn’t just be doable but ENJOYABLE. You’ve totally revamped our marriage after being together a decade. It’s like we are 2 high schoolers all over again and can’t get enough of it.

Just thank you thank you!!!! Your vaginismus treatment changed our marriage and myself as now I have rebuilt confidence in being a woman and knowing my body."
- Online Vaginismus Treatment Graduate (July 2023)
"The gynecologist appointment went great! She was very interested in learning about your practice. She said that I did an amazing job and she never would have known about my vaginismus based on this performance."
- Online Vaginismus Treatment Graduate (September 2023)
"So far, I had 2 appointments with Dr. Ditza. It is so wonderful to know that someone understands this problem so well and has answers for all my questions."
- Online Vaginismus Treatment Patient (March 2024)
"My husband and I are very thankful for your guidance, we have an intimacy we are very grateful for. Thank you again for everything! You have been wonderful!"
- Online Vaginismus Treatment Graduate (July 2024)

Virtual Vaginismus Coaching FAQs

Online vaginismus coaching is a carefully supervised program, which provides expert guidance that is personalized to your needs while done in real time.


Virtual coaching provides support, guided instructions, and detailed explanations in the comfort and privacy of your personal space so you can express yourself freely.

Every woman has her own journey, which works very well with our virtual coaching because it is so flexible and individualized.  That said, the average is 8-10 session to complete the process:

  • The first session is the Discovery appointment during which we’ll assess your needs, answer questions, and present you with the treatment plan;
  • We recommend follow-up sessions every 7-10 days as continuity is important, but it is your own choice how often we meet;
  • A typical follow-up session is 50-minute long.  A shorter, 30-minute session, may be an option per our discretion.

There is no financial outlays as you are not obligated to book a specific number of appointments. You pay as you go.

The virtual coaching is available Mondays through Thursdays from 10am to 5pm per New York time Zone. We will try to accommodate special requests as best as we can. 

Your next step is to contact us so we can answer any questions you have and get the process rolling.

Financing or payment plans are not offered because you only pay per appointment.


  • Preliminary review of your ‘vaginismus story’ via initial email exchange – no charge; 
  • Discovery appointment for new clients: $350 USD (about 50-minutes); 
  • Follow up 30-minute appointment: $145 USD (rarely used, per our discretion);
  • Follow up 50-minute appointment: $275 USD;
  • Payment is processed at time of booking via a major credit card or PayPal.

Be sure to join your appointment a few minutes ahead of time and wait to be admitted to the session.  If you are late to join, you will only receive the balance of time left.

Contact us for more details.

We will discuss it during the Discovery (initial) appointment when we review your vaginismus needs, and map out a plan.

Generally speaking, there will be dilators (we will discuss which so don’t buy any if you don’t have a set already),  a towel placed under you, lubrication (we will advise which), a comfortable bed, and desired. There will be other items needed but let’s discuss such as we take you through the coaching process.

Either Dr. Ditza Katz or Dr. Ross Lynn Tabisel will be your expert vaginismus coach.  You can read about them here

Both doctors pioneered their successful vaginismus treatment methodology and have treated thousands of vaginismus patients, thus are most qualified to be your coach.  

As is practiced when we see women for in-person vaginismus treatment, the virtual vaginismus coaching adheres to all applicable privacy & confidentiality laws.  Your information is never shared, sold, or used inappropriately – we would not want such done to our personal information either if we were to be in your shoes! 

Your file will be securely stored for 6 years should you wish to schedule additional appointments during that period of time. 

Each virtual coaching appointment is a one-on-one meeting that takes place via video conferencing:


  • The discovery (first appointment) will focus on assessing your vaginismus, needs, and goals;
  • Also during the Discovery appointment, a plan of action will be developed to help you achieve your goals, including specific targets, identifying obstacles, developing strategies, tips, etc.;
  • Subsequent follow up appointment/s will implement the plan, check on progress, provide ongoing support and feedback; 
  • You will be encouraged to share your thoughts and feelings about your vaginismus to facilitate an in-depth exchange and guidance and identify your individual needs;
  • The ultimate purpose of this coaching program is to help you overcome vaginismus and allow you to have pain-free vaginal use.

Vaginismus is an intimate, complex condition that requires careful coaching navigation.  Therefor, you are encouraged to prepare your questions in order to maximize the benefit of each appointment. 


However, if you have a pressing question that cannot wait until the next appointment, you can always reach us via email. 


We will advise if we find the need for additional measures of support between appointments. 


Important: in case of an emergency or a medical crisis, contact your local doctor immediately!

The average process takes 7-10 sessions.

Also, every woman has her own vaginismus and a one-size-fits-all help is not recommended, which is the benefit of being coached: your vaginismus will become clearer as the process evolves, with additional tools and guidance added when needed.  

Our goal is to narrow the process to the least needed number of appointments, which will vary from one woman to another.  That said, you always have the choice of

  • Going slower or faster = your choice as to frequency of scheduled appointments;
  • Opting to convert this coaching service to in-person treatment at our clinic in New York;
  • The discretionary decision by either of us as to when the coaching potential has reached its limit.

Unlike during our in-person treatment, virtual coaching does not allow us – the vaginismus experts – to physically assess your vagina and get a real feel for its size, pliability, presence of hymen, the structure of its bony parameters, other limitations, etc.  To overcome these obstacles, you have several options:


  1. Go with the assumption that your vagina is fine, which in most cases it is;
  2. See a gynecologist before trying vaginismus dilation to ascertain that your vagina has no limitations;
  3. Undergo a gynecologic examination under sedation/anesthesia if your doctor cannot do an exam because you are too nervous to allow it, as is the case for most women with vaginismus.

Regardless of which option you choose, we strongly recommend that you are connected with a local gynecologist in order to attend to any vaginal concerns that may arise before, during, and after the coaching process.

While there is no substitute for the ultimate advantage of in-person treatment, virtual vaginismus coaching provides several benefits, such as convenience, accessibility, and a potential lower cost.  It can also be a useful option for those who have transportation issues or live in a remote area where access to vaginismus clinicians may be limited.

Virtual vaginismus coaching is suitable for women who has had at least some vaginal penetration, may it be a finger or a small dilator, etc.   In some cases, different venues will be necessary and recommended, such as physical examination, in-person treatment, medical intervention, surgery, etc.

Rest assured we will advise if you have exhausted the potential of virtual coaching, or if another approach is recommended.

Our virtual vaginismus coaching sessions are conducted in English.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your language needs, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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